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In 1962, the Jeep® Brand introduced the Wagoneer—the father of all luxury 4x4 SUVs.

Replacing the Willys utility wagon lines, the Wagoneer was designed to provide passenger-car styling, comfort, and convenience with the advantages of four-wheel drive (4WD).

","description Aria Label":"","linktype":"nav","lid":"top-nav-flyout-2018-jeep-grand-cherokee","brand":"jeep","model Year":"2019","vehicle":"grand_cherokee","trim":"","price":,"key Stat":[],"buttons":[]},,,,]},"limitededition":,"shoppingtools":,"capability":,"owners":,"main Nav Links":[,,,,,],"pinned Nav Links":[,]}}"The all-new Jeep® Wagoneer represented unparalleled refinement and innovation. The Jeep Brand lineup grew to include 14 models — for work, play, recreation and luxuriously capable transportation.

Wagoneer in 1962, an instant classic designed by Brooks Stevens and advertised as \u201c All-New, All-Jeep.\u201d It featured the first automatic transmission and independent suspension in a 4x4 vehicle.

During the late 1960s, Kaiser detected a growing interest in leisure time use of 4x4 vehicles and capitalized on it with the introduction of a new series called Jeepster Commando.

The ,943 MSRP was almost double that of the base Wagoneer, which set it apart from the masses.

The M-715 series 1 1/4-ton military Jeep® Brand vehicle was designed to replace the Dodge M37 series 3/4-ton vehicles that had been in military service since 1951.

This package featured a payload capacity of 3930 pounds, extra-heavy-duty suspension, four-speed all-synchro transmission, heavy-duty cooling and 10-ply tires.

In 1965, the Jeep® Brand introduced the refined Super Wagoneer–a true luxury 4x4.

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