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Michael Pennington 503-935-7461 “ I think you know about the famous forum called Digital Point.A few days ago I visited that forum and found a lot of bad reviews and good reviews about Abledating Scam company.There is tons of text missing and the affiliate part of the program is completely non-functional.There is not enough room on this comment form to tell you all the things wrong with Abledating. John Another comment at the same source: Says: I Should have done the research…I’m trying to get my money back with my credit card company.I found out it was a Russian scammer Dmitriy Rudakov, I found his address in Russia but looks like he’s safe there and there’s nothing we can do to reach him out and put him responsible for his deeds. I’m sure that there are a lot of other customers who lost their money as well and want to find out a way how to get money back.A girl by the name of Tammi, an American girl with two kids. I won’t post her last name because she doesn’t deserve that. Just found a comment on Abledating’s new way of life.) ” June 17, 2009 at am WARNING!!! I continue to look for new information and ways on how to stop Abledating scam and help others by warning them about Abledating scam.

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I have two open tickets with them and it’s been 7 days and nothing yet. It would seem that they only respond to questions about buying the software and just disregard all other questions. w=282" data-large-file=" w=300" class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-49" title="scammed_by_abledating" src=" w=282&h=300" alt="scammed_by_abledating" width="282" height="300" srcset=" w=282&h=300 282w, w=141&h=150 141w," sizes="(max-width: 282px) 100vw, 282px" / Hi all. I purchased Abledating and bought program modifications for ,000 – some of them were to fix the software bugs!

As you can see Abledating protectors were banned due to the fact of fake positive reviews.) I believe that moderators of that forum pay attention to real customers’ feedback. after buying ablespace from them, i bought a template and i have to pay for it before they design it and when i told them to make changes they refused please read here what other people think about company Here I will publish rip-off cases how Abledating scams its customers.

t=38960 guys stay away from this company ” It’s just another proof that Abledating aka abk-soft is the scam company. Share your opinion about abledating and how abk-soft scam its customers. I hope that the owner of Abledating will understand that having unsatisfied customers is not good.

I guess Abk-soft Scam Company is afraid of the anger of its unsatisfied customers.

I found that Russian Scammer Dmitri Rudakov hid his domain name registration info.

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