Action carried report task updating

When a task is suspended, it is typically resumed in the state it was in when it was originally suspended.Suspending a task suspends all of its children as well. An In-progress task can also be stopped, returning it to a Ready state.As stated above, the task resource tracks the state of a task, enabling systems to ensure that tasks are completed.This information is kept separate from the operational details necessary to complete the task, as those details vary across and even within workflows.In contrast, Procedures are actions that are intended to result in a physical or mental change to or for the subject (for example, surgery, physiotherapy, training, counseling).A Task resource often exists in parallel with clinical resources.That detail is expected to be carried in the referenced `focus` of the task. Inputs represent information that may or must be present in order for a task to complete.Outputs represent intermediate or final results produced by a task.

Another example would be a Task that requests fulfillment of a Communication Request to be performed between various actors.In a RESTful context, a server functions as a repository of tasks.The server itself, or other agents are expected to monitor task activity and initiate appropriate actions to ensure task completion, updating the status of the task as it proceeds through its various stages of completion.It also enables tracking of task statistics such as wait time, or time in progress, or time to completion, enabling capture of important task metrics in support of optimization and quality improvement.Note: Currently, task pre-requisites can be represented using Task's `description` element or the Request Group resource.

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