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contestants would still eat rats to stave off hunger, vote alphabetically and sing campfire songs — that is back on season one, when no one but Richard had figured out the game.

It was a time of innocence, and the relationship between self-described “journeyman,” Greg, and pixie-ish Colleen had a precocious quality to it, a sweetness that hasn’t been replicated since.

Alas, their relationship ended after four years, and Jeff went on to wed actress Lisa Ann Russell in 2011.

together, they kept their relationship on the down-low, and Jenna ended up leaving the show early to go home and be with her mother, who was terminally ill with breast cancer at the time.

couple Boston Rob and Amber, but how many of you knew that Russell Hantz and Mikayla Wingle once dated?

That’s right, THE Russell Hantz and the girl Russell Hantz’s nephew Brandon was obsessed with.

While Ozzy was blindsided and sent home, Amanda made it to the finale and viewers were treated to one of the most romantic Tribal Council speeches ever when Ozzy said to Amanda, “I honestly feel like I started to fall in love with you.

I’m glad I didn’t win so that I could be here and meet you.” Amanda ultimately lost to Parvati, but she and Ozzy began dating after the show ended.

We’ll be looking forward to wedding pics in the tabloids.Unfortunately, Rob and Amber they are not, as they eventually broke up.Both later went on to compete for a second time, but on different seasons: Amanda for led to the couple putting off their wedding plans for a second chance at winning a million dollars.Although their romance didn’t last beyond the show, with Greg moving on from in 2003, and although they didn’t think much of each other before the game, they were assigned to the same team and formed a strategic alliance, which quickly grew into something more, with cocky, loudmouth Rob showing a decidedly gentler, sweeter side when it came to Amber.They dominated the season and were seemingly unstoppable right up until the very end when Amber was declared the Sole Survivor over Rob in a 4-3 jury vote.

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