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Andrew Alcott "Andy" Hallett (August 4, 1975 – March 29, 2009) was an American singer and actor best known for playing the part of Lorne in the television series Angel (2000-2004).He used his singing talents often on the show, and performed two songs on the series' 2005 soundtrack album, Angel: Live Fast, Die Never. He was 6 foot 2 inches tall and hailed from the Cape Cod village of Osterville, Massachusetts, which is part of the town of Barnstable.He was a 1993 graduate from Barnstable High School and he went on to Assumption College in Worcester after graduation. I sang a line and she said, ' This is a white boy with soul.'" After moving to Los Angeles, Hallett worked as a runner for an agency and then as a property manager.

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I'm becoming interested in it as a result of seeing how things are done. I think it will probably play out like last season did for me. I was worried that they were going to exhaust the character. I play a character named "Jack," and I'm a night club singer. ain't easy bein' green, unless you happen to be Andy Hallett, the horned, green-skinned Host of the (frequently demolished) Caritas karaoke bar on the hit television series Angel. It's fun to watch him work and come up with all these outrageous characters and demons, especially on Angel this season. And even Hallett could live without the three hours of make-up it takes to transform him into an anagogic demon named "Lorne," who reads people's secret thoughts when they sing karaoke. Starting with the third season, they've got some real wild stuff as far as demons go. Andy Hallett: Joss Whedon, the executive producer, and David Greenwalt, the other executive producer, get so upset if we say anything. She's black, and she's about 54 years old, and she is a trip. The first time I visited [Optic Nerve] to have the cast done of my face, they had a body -- well, a prosthetic body, but it looked like real body. And everybody on the show has had a chance to sing. I couldn't get my lines out, because I was still laughing. Joss was completely unrecognizable, and he didn't have any lines, so I wouldn't have recognized his voice. [Laughs.] The first pair was too thick, so they didn't feel good at all and hurt my eyes, but I could see out of them OK. My new pair is thin, so they feel good, but I can't see out of them. They're actually working on another pair for me now, so hopefully, we'll get that right. Amber Benson plays "Tara" on Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. It was called "Happy Anniversary," and it was my first big episode. A guy came into the bar, and the Host sensed that the guy was going to stop time, because he was in love, and he didn't want that wonderful feeling to go away. I went to Angel and said, "We've got to do something."That was my first time ever out of the karaoke bar. and walking out of clubs and yelling and waving at us. Andy Hallett: Exactly -- whether they should or not. It's much lighter than the regular parts of the show. I've been floored by how often they've brought me back. This just started a year ago, and I've already done a bunch of conventions and met with people. People were lining up to see me in the rain in Scotland. The director, Tim Minear (who's one of the writers on the show and is now one of the co-executive producers) said, "OK, it's time to get back. But he never got the chance to do it, because David blew his cover. The first time was fun, because I didn't know what to expect. After that, it went down hill fast, because I have to be there much earlier than anybody else does, which usually makes my call-time fairly early in the morning. I do OK with it, but I have good days and I have bad days with it. "Claustrophobic" isn't the right word for it, but I don't know what is. It's knowing that there's something glued to my face. Now, I love working in the karaoke bar; it's wonderful. It was a scene with Angel and the Host in the car, and we were being towed around on the back of a flatbed truck.

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