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Then one day, Ilana said, ‘This is crazy, but I think Ilana should stay in New York.’ Then we both laughed and said how the girls can’t split up.

“The more we let that sink in,” she said, “the more we knew that that was really right.

Please say a prayer that one day @Jack will #Stop The Bias.🙏 #MAGA #Twill #Chicago Be JQv1I6 If you'd like to hear #Chicago's best morning talk radio show please tune into AM 560 from am to am and listen to the @Morning Answer with @Dan Proft & @Amy Jacobson.

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And so, a lot of the journey has been friendship and discovery.

“Broad Jacobson and fellow creator-star Ilana Glazer knew how the story would end, but there were a few details that needed to be ironed out.

At the top of their list was whether or not they’d unmask Abbi’s former roommate Melody.

⁦@Dan Proft⁩ and I will have a taste test tomorrow ⁦@Morning Answer⁩ Popeyes Locations Are Actually Running Out Of Chicken Sandwiches And People Are Kind Of Panicking… I can tell you that some of those in the Hospital did not want ANY visitors. To the best of my knowledge there was no photo or video of that meeting published. ⁦@Dan Proft⁩ Ylnyq WPf @Twitter has silenced one of #Illinois's finest.

Yes, others did not want to see the President just like when Pres Obama visited Tucson after that mass shooting. I watched the local NBC station, KTSM-9 and the 2 month old’s Uncle told the reporter outside the hospital how beautiful it was, they appreciated @real Donald Trump ‘s genuine concern for baby Paul. .⁦@real Donald Trump⁩ held this 2 month old baby for a long time today. Unfortunately (@the_amish_txtr) The Amish Texter will no longer be with us here.

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