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After less than six months, Farrell suggests they have a baby together.

“When I get back from this film, let’s have a miniature human that grows,” are his exact words.

Colin Farrell dated British novelist Emma Forrest (top right) after the release of 2008’s “In Bruges.” He begged her to have a baby with him and the two were seen buying a pregnancy test at a Hollywood Rite Aid (inset).

Emma Forrest’s new memoir, “Your Voice in My Head,” out Tuesday, is a story of grief — over both the death of a beloved therapist who helped her recover from a suicide attempt, and an epic, failed love affair that just happened to be with bad-boy Irish actor Colin Farrell.

She calls him “the saddest man who’s ever made me laugh uncontrollably.” Later she tells him of being surprised that he hadn’t even tried to sleep with her that night. They don’t get involved right away — soon after their meeting, he heads off to an island to prepare for a movie.

(2009’s “Ondine” is shot largely on Ireland’s Bere and Dursey islands.) But they flirt constantly via text message, like teenagers. They text 50 times a day when he is shooting on location in faraway places.

The show explores the impact the affair has on their lives as well as the lives of their partners, family, and friends.

He greets her with the most timeless line ever: “I think I need some space.” No more Pearl.

In response, Forrest shuts herself in the bathroom and shouts through the door for him to take the cheesecake she’d prepared for his homecoming. Afterward, his replies to her heartbroken texts and phone calls are cold and impersonal.

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