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See more » The version shown on HBO and related channels contains extra credits for the Spanish-language version of the film.The song over those credits, a Spanish version of "Journey to the Past," was on the film's soundtrack album.Later she wants to be reunited with her family, but sadly she has forgotten who she really is!?The story is excellent(despite of not being a 100% historically correct), the animation is some of the best that I`ve ever seen in a cartoon-movie, and the soundtrack is mostly stunning.In 1990, she started her musical career as a backing vocalist.She sang back-up vocals on pop star Tiffany's New Inside album in 1990.

Start dating and make love happen with Just Dating The daughter of the last Russian Tsar, Nicolas II, Anastasia is found by two Russian con men, Dimitri and Vladimir, who seek the reward that her grandmother, the Dowager Empress Marie, promised to the ones who'll find her.But the evil mystic of the Tsar family, Rasputin, still wants the Romanov family to be destroyed forever.Also famed for her trademark glasses, she underwent corrective LASIK surgery in August 2005, although she still frequently wears them.During her life Anastacia has battled many health problems.

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