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The search for "To Sail to Stop" proved difficult both mentally and physically for some teams.

While Ron began reverting to old bad habits when he snapped at daughter Christina, Mel winced in pain from a cramp as the grueling first leg took its toll on the 70-year old racer.

Initially, Amanda had problems making the paint spray from her mouth in a way that coated the stencil, but Kris mastered the technique quickly and showed her how to do it.

He instructed his fiancée, "Like you're playing trumpet." After finishing their artwork, the last place engaged couple hopped into their vehicle trying to catch up to Ron & Christina.

Feeling their lead slipping away, the two teams paired up with father and daughter Ron & Christina to finally figure out they needed to find Sydney Town Hall.

The three teams settled for the second charter flight leaving thirty minutes later with Harlem Globetrotters Flight Time & Big Easy.

AMANDA & KRIS CAN' T OVERCOME U-TURN The eleven teams raced to the Australian Outback where best friends Zev & Justin hopped into first place and engaged couple Amanda & Kris failed to overtake a bickering Ron & Christina to stay in the race.

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Once Amanda & Kris got the tip from Gary & Mallory to dance on top of instead of around their mosaic, only Ron & Christina still remained constructing the mosaic art.HOP TO IT After asking a local for directions, best friends Zev & Justin arrived at the Central Football Club in first place just ahead of Margie & Luke.The two teams opened up their clue instructing them to dress up as kangaroos and figure out where they needed to travel to next using only a Periodic Table of Elements as a guide.Their clue instructed them to return to Sydney and get "To Sail to Stop." Teams had to figure out that the phrase "to sail to stop" would lead them to a large anchor next to Sydney Town Hall.The first six teams to sign up there would be on the first of two charter flights to Broken Hill, a small mining town 684 miles from Sydney.

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