Best airlines for accomodating disabilities

In this instance, planners should also contact parents — especially if the children embarking on the trip are under 18 — to discuss the kinds of medications that their loved ones are required to take regularly.

Planners should coordinate schedules with students so everyone is on the same page about dosages and how often medication should be taken.

Each student should have the equal opportunity to learn and have fun, no matter how much assistance they may require. Without question, there are proper steps you can take to plan the best academic trips for your students.

Since not all disabilities are physical ones, it is also your job to become as aware of each student’s conditions as possible. From the moment you dream up the travel itinerary to the moment you arrive back home, you’ll be prepared for every situation in between.

Each student should have the opportunity to participate in school activities on the trip.

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In the case of physical limitations, you should gently and privately ask your student what kind of medical assistance they’d be comfortable receiving a few months before scheduling time away and activities with your group.Along with hindering their educational experiences, they might feel inferior for being unable to interact and complete tasks in the same way as their peers.As a student planner, it is your job to ensure that none of your students have these negative experiences on a group trip.By Car: If you’re driving to your desired destination, arrange for you or a chaperone to stay close to the student.However, you should naturally allow the student to interact with students, play games and engage in conversations.

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