Biggest losers contestants dating

He might have gained some weight back since the show, but he is still a long way off his heaviest.

Season three first aired in 2006, and we got the chance to see Erik Chopin go down as one of the biggest losers of all time thanks to his 214-pound weight loss.

And then when Rebecca was kicked off, I was about to stop watching the show until she confided in Jay Leno (and the rest of the world—watch the clip above) that she is dating fellow contestant, Daniel. More Ways to Get Glamour*You could win ,000 just for [registering]( or logging in to!To top it off, Matt’s BMI went from 48.6 down to a much healthier 26.1.It wasn’t just how to change his lifestyle that Matt earned from the show; he also met his future wife, Suzy.Suzy was the runner-up on the show, but the pair soon fell for each other and now share two children.Although they post on social media, the couple enjoy keeping their lives away from the camera Matt’s last known weigh-in was back in 2010 when he weighs 237 pounds.

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