Birth order affects dating

The middle child: has less of a clear-cut role in the family; instead, they often make a place for themselves outside the family, creating a network of close friends, venturing away from the family physically, and breaking the mold intellectually as well.

The only child: often has characteristics both of first children (capable, perfectionistic) and of youngest children (attention-seeking, self-centered). (She called herself the "Taskmaster" whenever I was goofing, I'd be dancing around when I was supposed to be packing a suitcase, and she would tell me to get to back to work.)You can see how dating your opposite would really work.

The one thing we know about first-borns is that they’re leaders, they get things done right, and there’s a right way to do things.

The down side is they’re perfectionists, they’re bossy, and they can spot a flaw at 50 paces.

If you really want to get into it, you can read about it further in a book called .

Was that analysis crazy accurate, or are you an exception? What is your birth order and the birth order of your guy?

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He has spoken to audiences worldwide, from couples retreats to corporate events for Mc Donald’s and Pepsi-cola.So if you put these people together in a marriage, they both start shooting on each other. They’re the great improvers, “You should do this; you should do that.” Take two first-borns driving in a car and they’re married – the husband’s driving and he makes a left-hand turn.The only thing his first-born wife can say is “Why are you turning here?More Ways to Get Glamour Visit Shop for cute stuff starting at just ! – a brand new online dating site founded by Leman – matches couples of opposite birth orders, but similar hobbies, habits and faith.

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