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She does not hesitate to flaunt her love in social media.

Kacy shares a selfie with her boyfriend Dave She has also been signed by the very esteemed WWE.

Caite spent the next twelve legs arguing with both Brandy & Carol, and eventually Brent.

They argued their way to the Final 3, Caite doing little to dispel the viewpoint of her as a "dumb blonde", where they fell behind early due to a bad cab, and never really got back into it, finishing 3rd.

Later this company became "Brent Smith Lifestyle", with the goal of improving lifestyle.

In 2012 Brent began moving further away from dating towards helping men more generally to become more inspired and build a better lifestyle for themselves.

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Brent Horne and Lauren Caitlin "Caite" Upton are a team of Dating Models on The Amazing Race 16.

Brent Steffensen, who stands tall at the height of five feet nine inches, has been enjoying a very private family life.In the first leg, Jordan Pious recognized her, and immediately started mocking her behind her back with Carol & Brandy.Louie & Michael couldn't help but pass this on, causing Caite to instantly hate the "Mean Lesbians" and endeavor to get them eliminated.The talented Brent is not only known for his stunt performing skills but is also known for dating the very talented and gorgeous gymnast Kacy Catanzaro, who has also competed on American Ninja Warrior 5.Twenty-seven-years old, Kacy is a former NCAA gymnast and an obstacle course trainer.

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