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It’ll give you a great first impression, but more importantly, it will boost her security that you can take care of her. Be confident, but relaxed— spread your arms out, stick out your chest, look at us straight in the eye (not at our breasts please! But whatever you do, try not to show any signs of intimidation in our presence.

A good compliment would be something like: See how smooth that sounds? Another word of advice: don’t over-compliment either. Sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many guys don’t (try to) pay for the girl’s dinner on the 1st date. Not a chance for a 2nd date — I’ll bet my whole life’s savings on that. But if she really insists not to, then you can put your wallet down.Don’t be like those parents who always ask their kid, .I mean, what else do we say if you ask us this question every single day?Most guys call their girl: honey, babe, sexy, cutie, dear, sugar bear, sweetheart….girls love this! For me, I used to be called “stupid cutie.” For him, I would call him, “silly putty.” No one really got the reason behind the nicknames we gave each other, but hey!That’s what makes relationships feel special, because no one will ever understand the true meaning of your names. It’s easy to say “thank you” in the beginning of the relationship, but further down the road, we start forgetting those two precious words. So remember to say “thank you” for all the nice things she has given you, said about you, or has done for you.

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