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In America, nearly half of the entire single population is searching for their mates online.There are some obvious perks to taking your search for love to the Web.But the data from online dating sites is clear: only about 1 in 4 of online daters who self-identify as bisexual are actually actively pursuing or dating both sexes.Whether it’s an effort to spare her boyfriend’s feelings to protect herself, lying from time to time is something that a lot of women do in their relationships.Hm, on the other hand, maybe those latter aspects of online dating aren't quite as positive as they first seem.Clearly, a large number of online daters today are more than willing to exploit a few loopholes in order to get a date.Studies show that if a man passes the age of 23 and is not making more than 30 or 40k a year his odds of finding a date online are 90 to 1. Finally, one of the most surprising things people lie about online is sexuality. In the past, most people would assume the overwhelming majority of online daters would identify as “straight,” even if they actually had a same-sex preference.Today, a large population of the online dating world self-identifies as bisexual, when in fact they have a single preference. Dating landscapes have changed drastically in the past few years, especially online. Maybe women online think they’ll catch more attention or give off a more open-minded first impression.

In reality, starting at about 5’8 men are far more likely to round their heights up to that common benchmark.

As to whether or not the 6 foot mark has any impact on the success of those profiles – no definitive data. Take a look at your own online dating profile or even your social network sites.

Do your posts tell the whole story of your lifestyle, or just highlight your biggest moments, life events and humble brags?

For most people, our public lives online are much more exciting, happier and more fulfilling than our private lives in the real world.

Framing your lifestyle in a more flattering way than reality actually dictates is one of the greatest – and most deceiving – aspects of online dating.

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