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DEP has also evaluated its own wastewater treatment plants for water conservation opportunities and launched an annual water conservation challenge for treatment plant operators to implement best practices and monitor potable water use reductions, which has been completed at all 14 facilities.

DEP is expanding established partnerships with the Department of Education, the Department of Parks and Recreation, and the Health and Hospitals Corporation, and is moving forward with new projects and partnerships, including the Department of Citywide Administrative Services.

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Reducing water demand benefits our water supply system and New York City at large by increasing flexibility in our operations, reducing our energy footprint and greenhouse gas emissions (from treating less drinking water and wastewater), and keeping water bills affordable.

For information on how to make your home, hotel or restaurant more water efficient, visit Water Saving Tips.

DEP developed a water demand management planning program to assist its 10 of its largest customers to reduce water consumption by a minimum of 5% from the baseline water usage recorded in calendar year 2013, and maintaining such lower water demand levels thereafter.

These 10 wholesale customers north of New York City consume over nine percent of the water distributed by the New York City Water Supply System.

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