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Over the course of a student’s post-secondary education, he or she may enter into multiple loan arrangements, with private lenders, as well as the Department of Education.

Perkins borrowers may have multiple outstanding loans, but many students also carry federal Stafford Loans, and others issued through the Direct Loan Program.

Students with multiple federal loans are increasingly concerned about how they will meet repayment obligations after graduation.

The good news for college students, and graduates carrying multiple individual student loans, is that the Department of Education operates an established program allowing more than one loan to be bundled together under a single, renegotiated repayment contract.

Stafford debt consolidation loans are a financial tool that people often mistake with other types of debt management solutions.

Funding is limited, so your best bets for securing a loan are to file early, and meet federal financial aid eligibility requirements.Perkins Loans are federally-guaranteed student loans that are issued jointly, by the U. government and individual financial aid departments at colleges and universities.The low-interest, fixed-rate loans are in-place to provide supplemental funding for students with extraordinary financial aid needs for college. Ford Federal Direct Loans provide general assistance for low and middle-income applicants.Loan Consolidation applies to outstanding federal debt, whether Perkins, Stafford or Federal Direct Loans.Perkins Loans stand apart, in some ways, from the other federal student loan programs.

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