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You would not want your child’s other parent and his or her new spouse to end your rights as a parent without you knowing about it.

So an important step in your adoption case is to: You have to take these steps even if you do not know who the other parent is or your name is the only name on your child’s birth certificate.

If possible, provide some type of proof, like a certified copy of a death certificate.

If, after trying everything, you still cannot find the other birth parent, you will have to explain to the judge everything you tried to find the other parent, with the dates you tried and the results.

If the judge agrees that you have tried everything possible, the judge may let you go ahead with the adoption without letting the other birth parent know.

Make sure you keep track of the dates, times, and results of all of your efforts to find the other parent.

You will have to give the court all these details in writing to get the court’s permission to let you move ahead with your case even if you cannot find the other parent.

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