Dating an older man daddy issues

Looking for EB pearls of wisdom To cut a long story short for most of my life I have been attracted to older men.

My first serious boyfriend was 10 years older than me and we were together for 7 years.

when you're 35 (if you are still together) he'll be 60. If you both treat each other as complete equals and respect each others strengths and accept each others challenges, then age doesnt matter at all.

dont want to go will still love your dad at 60 but 25 years gap in a relationship counts in my oppinion. Honestly, I think you need to seek some counselling for an understanding on why you choose men like that.

The only thing I could perhaps fault my Dad on is that although he was a very good father and told me he loved me he never gave much physical affection. As for said older man, we have a very unique relationship in that he almost does treat me like a child. It sounds WAY worse than it is but I must admit I am starting to feel a bit concerned and I now I am very much in love with him... You say you don't have daddy issues and it doesn't sound like you do so perhaps you're just attracted to older men?

I know that must sound extremely odd but an example would be before going to sleep he will tell me to brush my teeth and wash my face (I would do it anyway ). The real question is what do you want, what does he want, is it compatible or possible?

Nevertheless, your experiences make you hold on tightly to whomever you’re dating – too tightly. Ironically, smothering of him might drive him away, which will only make you more paranoid that the next man will leave as well.

Who better to be the father you never had than a man your father’s age?

Older men can give you the attention and affection you’ve always craved.

For the last 7 months I have been seeing a 50 year old man. We are not in an actual relationship and no one knows about it except for a few close friends.

I almost feel ashamed because he is not a young 50 either .

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