Dating couples counseling

Divorce happens to over 50% of Americans and many of us need support to grieve the loss of someone and something we loved or need help in learning and growing from our experience.

First things first: going to couples therapy does not have to mean that your relationship is headed for trouble.

We also found a variety of other resources that serve as free alternatives to marriage counseling.

Our solution is to seek the help of forums, discussion groups and sites that provide information to address your marriage’s needs.

Read: it is totally okay for any couple to go to couples therapy at any time No matter what you want to focus on, couples therapy is about learning how to communicate with each other in a safe, healthy way. You’ve probably read elsewhere that it’s not that happy, healthy couples don’t fight—it’s how they fight.

A couples therapist can help you to understand: What is the pattern you keep falling into that gets you stuck? So, Maynigo points out, the emphasis in couples therapy is not on stopping the fighting, but rather: How can you learn to fight in a different way, and, importantly, repair the fight in a healthy way?

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