Dating fender stratocaster neck

In other words I -know- my '96 is a '96 because I bought it brand new in '96 and the neck and body stamps verify this.With an older or used instrument though, if it's not marked there's no way to be absolutely certain.Good luck, Jim Hi, I'm trying to date a Squier and all references on the web say "refer to the Fender serial number dating service"looking at e.g. My serial number E673928 indicates 1984-87However nothing I can find specifically says Fender Squier - so am I right in assuming that this list applies to Squiers (as opposed to regular Fenders - if in fact that is such a thing as a non-Squier Fender made in Japan?That's probably not what you were looking for but I hope it helps! I always thought it was a based off a '57, as it has an 8 hole, 1 ply pickguard, and a 50's style neck profile, radius, and trust rod adjustment.Fender and Squier a like..a well earned reputation for being very high quality.I currently own 1 but I've played 5 or 6 over the years and they've all been exceptional instruments to say the least.The Squiers will typically go for less money because they're "Squiers" and not "Fenders" but other than that, there seems to be very little difference.

The same seems to apply to the "Contemporary" MIJ Strats of this era as well.)Also, is there anything in the number that can indicate a more specific date? I'm not an expert on this so -please- take my comments as being a bit subjective but from my understanding the "E series" MIJ Strats of this era...Fender or Squier, all came out of the same factory; Fuji Gen.For all I know that guitar may have not actually been sold new until '86 or '87 (or later)...there's just no way to know for certain. If you browse through Ebay ads of this nature you will often see instruments advertised simply as "E series Strat" and dated as an '84 to '87.Because the neck is marked as an '85 though, that's what I call her..'85. Sometimes you will see something listed as more specific along with pictures showing a specific date stamp but unless all of the parts of the instrument are dated and those dates are still clear and readable, there's just no way to know for sure.

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