Dating for healthy people

Sure, Bumble attracts all types—but photos of users hiking, fishing, or spending time outdoors abound on the app, says Alex Williamson, Bumble’s chief brand officer. These are just some of the questions you can answer using OKCupid’s new Topics feature, which queries users on any number of subjects from travel to cooking to wellness, says an OKCupid spokesperson.

Plus, using the app’s new “badge” feature, health-minded singles may be able to streamline their success by adding an active badge to their profile and keeping an eye out for mates who’ve done the same. Fun fact: Users’ profiles frequently mention running—10 times more than Soul Cycle, for example, and seven more times than lifting.

It makes sense that you’d want to maintain optimum physical fitness while being intimate with someone.

“Cross Fitters, runners, yogis, fitness competitors, and athletes are all a part of our community,” he says, as are aspiring exercisers.

(RIP “True Swolemate.”) The app prompts users to identify when they like to work out (early riser or up-all-nighter?

), how many times a week they break a sweat, and what they actually do the most—be it Cross FIt, yoga or team sports—and matches singles accordingly. Apparently, wannabe users have been sitting on the waitlist for months, and those who have successfully downloaded haven’t gotten many matches.

A majority of survey respondents (53%) said they would say something if they noticed their partners started gaining weight.

In this way, many daters are held accountable for their health and physical fitness.

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