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One day, he is attacked by Triad thugs and escapes, but finds an unconscious young woman in the street.The woman wakes up and reveals that she is Ying Ying, the first Wu assassin.CG and Lu Xin kill all the thugs, where CG reveals that she was an undercover cop.Kai takes Tommy and Jenny to where Lu Xin and CG are, where he reveals to everyone that he is the Wu Assassin.Ying Ying objects this, seeing it as too risky and as a result she loses connection to Kai.Zan takes Uncle Six to Jenny's restaurant, where they successfully removed the Fire Wu.Wu Assassins is an American supernatural action crime drama web television series, created by John Wirth and Tony Krantz that premiered on Netflix on August 8, 2019.

Meanwhile, CG meets up with a witness who tells her that a fire monster burned down a building that had Uncle Six's men in it.

The day before, Jenny fights against Zan and loses to her.

Mc Cullough plans to get all 5 Wu pieces to revive his family, as a result the world will end.

Tommy gets rid of the dead bodies, while Kai and Jenny devise a plan to kill Uncle Six.

Kai's plan fails as Uncle Six knows he is the Wu Assassin, and offers a truce to defeat Mc Cullough.

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