Dating triad transformers

COMMONLY USED FENDER EIA SOURCE CODESCommon Fender Source Codes Code Manufacturer Part(s) 67 Eminence Speakers 73 J. Lansing (JBL) Speakers 137 CTS Potentiometers, Speakers 220 Jensen Speakers 235 Mallory Capacitors 285 Rola Speakers 304 Stackpole Potentiometers 328 Utah Speakers 391 Altec-Lansing Speakers 433 Cleveland Speakers 465 Oxford Speakers 606 Schumacher Transformers, Chokes 649 Electro Voice (EV) Speakers 830 Triad Transformers, Chokes 1098 Pyle Speakers For example: a transformer code of 606432, in a Blackface era Fender amp (1960’s), would be Schumacher (606), manufactured in 1964 (4) in the 32nd week (32)Another example: a speaker code of 220820, in a Tweed era Fender amp (1950’s – early 1960’s), would be Jensen (220), manufactured in 1958 (8) in the 20th week (20)VINTAGE FENDER TRANSFORMER USAGE CHARTThe following chart, was originally printed in VG magazine, by Gerald Weber.

If you see any data that is not listed here or notice any errors, for 1970’s and earlier Fender amps, please send us an email and we will update the chart.

Date Code: Wide panel, narrow panel, brown, blonde, and black face amps have a date code hand-stamped on the tube chart. The first letter translates to the year and the second to the month. Example: FG=July 1956, QA=January 1967, and a reissue CG=July 1992 EIA Source-Date Codes: Electronic components such as transformers, potentiometers, speakers, and some capacitors are often stampted with a date code indicating who manufactured them and when.

The code follows the format: XXXYY ZZ where: XXX = a two or three (possibly four on newer amps) digit number indicating the manufacturer.

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This would tell me that the L stands for the years 2001, and the O stands for a month 3 months past December. The code follows the format: XXXYYZZ, where:***** = a two or three digit number (possibly four on newer amps) indicating the manufacturer.The code is simple, the first two letters are the revision, where AA is the first revision, AB is the second, etc.The next one or two numbers are the month where January is 1 and December is 12. Example: AB763 = second revision, July, 1963 AA1070 = First revision, October, 1970 Misc Dating Info: Silver face amps with the aluminum trimmed grilles are from 67 or 69. I am basically looking for someone to share my life with. There are several ways to determine when a Fender amp was produced.

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