Dating wifes best friend after divorce dating a swiss

We had just graduated and although we had not a single penny between us, we had great hopes for our futures. We embarked on a family, exciting Fleet Street careers and spent many productive hours renovating old houses.

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But as it is, amicably separated for decades, we have what I believe is the best sort of later-life relationship; chatty and companionable yet not eternally tied together.

For although Neville, my ex and I have remained good friends, even best friends, since our divorce nearly 30 years ago, I dread to think what life would be like for each of us if we were still wedlocked to each other.

That is, of course, always assuming one of us hadn’t bludgeoned the other to death by now.

By now, it wasn’t so much a marriage as flatmates living under the same roof, and what was worse, flatmates who no longer got on.

The only way we were engaging with each other was in in ferocious, bloody arguments.

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