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It was never considered a big deal until the 1970's when drug manufacturers wanted to sell useless "treatments" for it.

I know it's not "PC" to judge women AND men based on their sexual history, but every man on to his own.That's why these days in the age of Tinder and casual hook ups, you should ask the question before you bang her without rubber.The herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV-2) is a very common sexually transmitted disease but most people don’t know they have it.Seems like it's a manageable condition, and many people live complete lives without too much interference.I guess I can just continue to be supportive and try to help her see the professionals that she needs to in order to get over this hurdle.

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    For example the lady complained about money related problems (Lady_in_white_), and then she uploaded some brand new professional photos to her profile... I am glad for you guys ( I mean the moderators) ...

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