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That pretty much would eliminate over half my dating pool. My only problem was that, with a 2 year-old son, she really couldn't see me for more than a couple hours a week, and that really wasn't enough for me. I understood that her son needs to come first, and she understood that the relationship didn't really leave much room for me.Maybe if circumstances were different, it would've worked out (there was some other drama going on with her ex-husband at the time).I know single parents who have stated they won't let someone else discipline their kids, even if they remarry.

The breakup with her was easily the most emotionally painful experience of my life and 6 years later, I still think about her daughter all the time.

I see a lot of comments in this thread saying no way, she can't put me first, etc etc.... Those kids are my first priority too, and their mother and I worked together to ensure that it stayed that way for both of us. They've all three grown up to be pretty remarkable young women, which is at least partly my doing..their mother is an AWESOME woman.

The nice thing about being a step parent is, if there is visitation with the non-custodial parent, you get regularly scheduled breaks from the kids where you can go and adult to your hearts content. I'm almost 30, turn it next month, and girl I've been talking with has 2 kids from a previous marriage.

Your life is definitely going to change, some ways good, some ways bad.

It'll definitely make you grow up in a hurry, at the very least.

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