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On my VDI server, I have pf Sense to create the separate subnet and it is currently set up as a DHCP server.

At first, I thought it might be pf Sense, but (and I could be wrong) it doesn't make sense to me why it would be creating the forward records, yet DNS doesn't update the reverse records automatically.

Before I was here, all PCs and servers had static IPs, so DNS was never an issue, but I created a Horizon View environment on its own subnet and sometimes when the desktops recompose or get refreshed, Horizon will give them a new IP to work with.

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The Reverse Fqdn for the Public Ip Address can be specified as: The same constraints apply to reverse DNS for Cloud Services. Correct the reverse DNS value as required, and retry. Reverse DNS is not supported for the Azure App Service. Azure supports a single reverse DNS record for each Azure Cloud Service or Public Ip Address. Azure currently supports reverse DNS only for IPv4 Public Ip Address resources and Cloud Services.In DNS right click on the Reverse Lookup Zones Click Add New Zone, this will bring up the New Zone Wizard Select Primary Zone radio Button Click Next Select To all domain controllers in Active directory domain "ABC.com" Click Next IPV4 Reverse Lookup Click Next Select Reverse lookup zone name used the first 3 octets of the ip range I am in ie: 192.168.1 Allow both secure and no secure clicked next FINISH ZONE = 1.168.192.Default zones are in there 0, 127, 255 The solution for this issue is to set the following setting on the ipv4 properties of the client PC's network adapter: 1. I'm a bit new to playing around in DNS, so forgive me if this is an easy fix, but I keep running into issues due to reverse lookup zones not updating.However, my Sonicwall is my DHCP and all my machines get their IP's from this device.Is there a way to update my records correctly and still keep the DHCP on my Sonicwall?

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