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Studio content is released at a rate of approximately six titles per month and these hit a variety of network websites.

Though Mind Geek is now based in Luxembourg, the porn giant was founded by German, Fabian Thylmann.

We even give you some steers about the best ways to find a casual encounter when visiting the country.

When it comes to sex in Germany, the country has a reputation for being Europe’s brothel.

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Owning a chain of sex shops in more than 60 countries worldwide, Beate Uhse AG (Be You) was established in 1946 by eponymous owner, a female stunt pilot of the 1930s.

HIV/AIDS prevalence rates are also low at an estimated 0.15% of the population.

As a legitimate industry, adult entertainment in Germany is comprehensive and covers a wide range of activities.

Founded in 1997, the film studio is responsible for the iconic series of titles, Owner, Raymond Louis Bacharach, directs and produces all of the titles produced by the studio and has produced over 1000 films.

His work has won plenty of awards but also notoriety with some content being banned in many countries due to the extreme nature of the activities.

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