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As a dark colored African American woman I have zero problems with people with different racial parentage describing themselves in a way to encompass the entirety of their DNA.

It is their prerogative and I don’t understand some black people, usually dark skinned ones like me, who are angered by this.

After talking with many mixed raced people I do understand that they do not want to exclude the race of one parent in favor of the other.A source recently told she's twisted & the one b4 her too. Also, just wanted to put in my 2cents about Miss Vanessa, Rick's ex-wife, she is indeed a fully immersed, beautiful African American woman. A and so is she so stop with the foolishness of saying she was adopted and her moms was white because it just ain't so. If both of your parents are black regardless of the skin tone then you are black as well.He aint all that but guess he must b good at sumthin it aint like she's broke she been actin since she was like 12. If these comments were made on a predominately white website would you call them racist? If your parents are of two different racial groups then you are biracial, that's where the term bi comes in.Maybe you all would leave him alone if he got with a mixed race like himself. Yvette: Someone mentioned Vanessa Williams as a black woman and that is true, she defines herself that way because both of her parents are light colored African Americans.You are only biracial if one parent is black and the other is something else; white for mulattoes.

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