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The relevant form is called a ‘proof of debt’, and can be obtained from the liquidator.

The liquidator will notify you if there are likely to be funds available for distribution and will call for proofs of debt to be lodged.

When submitting your claim, ask the liquidator to acknowledge receipt of your claim and advise if any further information is needed.

If you have a query regarding the calculation of your claim, or the timing of the payment, discuss this with the liquidator.

You may also need these records to help you complete your income tax return and establish your entitlement to the FEG.

If company records are inadequate and you have insufficient information to justify your claim, it may be rejected.

Before any amount is paid to you for your outstanding entitlements, you will need to give the liquidator sufficient information to prove your debt.Others, including a director, a shareholder and ASIC, can also make a winding-up application to the court.It is possible for a company in liquidation to also be in receivership: see Information Sheet 55 (Corporations Act), a liquidator is not required to incur any expense in relation to the winding up unless there are enough assets to pay their costs.The court has the power to extend the time to appeal.If you don’t appeal within this time, the liquidator’s decision on your claim is final.

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