End of the month dating method

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Have you ever had a friend tell you that it’s too hard for them to break up with a long-time partner?

The truth is that when it comes to ending a long-term relationship, sometimes it’s difficult to know how to handle it.

The only difference between the Gregorian and the Julian calendar is the "leap-year rule".

In Julian calendar, every four years is a leap year.

It’s important to choose a time and place that’s conducive to an honest, serious conversation (for example, tacking this talk onto a brunch date is not a good idea).You can also choose a method that works for you, including leaving them with a mutual friend, your doorman, or even mailing them back to avoid an awkward in-person meeting.Give yourself as much time as you need, but the sooner you confide in close friends and family, the faster it will feel like reality (plus, you’ll also have someone to talk to about the situation).Something like “We’re not together anymore—unfortunately, it didn’t work out” should do the trick. Whatever route—or routes—you choose to go down, it’s important to cope with the situation instead of avoiding it.Some people choose to keep themselves so busy that they don’t actually spend time acknowledging the loss.

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