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The plan was to go to her apartment and have sex but her room mate was there so there was no way that was going to happen, she thought her roommate was going to be out of town.

I have been in a relationship for almost 1.5 years (almost two, my girlfriend is a good looking blonde that used to be in a sorority at the university I went to, it was one of the more selective sororities too), after the first 3 months on Tinder I practically quit but my friends have used my pics to run some experiments.

Unfortunately in American (and anglo society in general), men who are asian or indian are seen as the least attractive (seems like only middle eastern guys have it worse).

In online dating, people are more shallow about a lot of things including race.

One was a blonde in her mid 20s who told me she grew up in a redneck part of Florida where most people were openly racist, still ended up sleeping with her.

Indian guy living in Florida here and I used Tinder when it first came out.

He got 3x more matches than me after a week and I don't think we vary too much on attractiveness, we're pretty average (no facial hair, clean looking, and 5'5 1/2"). I'd say white, clean looking black dudes, and then non-Southeastern Asian, tend to do well in that order. White girls say they are not racist but secretly , they aren't going to date you if they have a choice.

If you look ghetto, or like a cholo, you're probably not going to do well in some cities.

From what they tell me, there is something different about me, I tend to do well across the board and white girls aren't that against going for me.

If I was to describe myself, I am Indian but more of the kind you see in Bollywood.

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    She said the best experiences are when you hit it off with someone, and end up talking endlessly.