Etiquette dating after death spouse

Accordingly, we can only do what we feel is the right thing at that moment in time.

My finger did feel bare for quite a while, for I had been married for just shy of twenty years.

He suddenly wanted to “just be friends” when he found out I had a child.

Then it was back to online with , which I found out after the fact is a well-known “hook up mostly” site.

I signed up for wasn’t a good format fit for me, and I abandoned the effort after a few weeks and only meeting a police officer who looked like Lurch with a bad comb-over.

Next I tried to cultivate a dating minded relationship with an industrial tech teacher I’d met through my master’s program that summer.

When I came home after my late husband’s death, I took off my ring, as usual, and it never felt right putting it on again.

Ellen Gerst is a Life Coach specializing in grief and relationships and the author of several books on grief, including "A Practical Guide to Widow/erhood," born out of Ellen's own experiences as a young widow; 101 Tips and Thoughts on Coping with Grief, an easy-to read reference guide filled with suggestions for every day use on moving through the grief journey; and "Love After Loss: Writing The Rest of Your Story." "Love After Loss" is a blueprint on how to use her successful method to redesign your life to include a new love connection after the loss of a partner.

Connect with Ellen on Facebook at Love After Loss (for daily relationship tips) and on Thin Threads of Grief & Renewal (for inspirational coping with grief thoughts).

Consequently, I didn’t have anyone that I could ask about the proper protocol.

Little did I know that there is no “proper” protocol ~ only what feels right to each individual.

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