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Click for Beads have always been a premiere product of the glass making trade.In fact, the oldest glass objects ever found are Egyptian glass beads dating to 2500BC.None of these materials could compare to the sensual, jewel-like qualities of glass beads struck by sunlight.'Diamonds' of Indian culture In his history of the Lenape, Herbert C.Kraft wrote that European glass beads became "the diamonds" of native culture, In the late 1800s, some Native American tribes began making European-like beaded bags for sale to white consumers.By the turn of the century, both Indian and European bead motifs had borrowed heavily from each other.

Click for valued for their beauty as well as the symbolic meanings assigned to various colors and configurations of beads in Indian ceremonies.

Venice emerged as the medieval era's glass-making capital whose rulers jealously guarded the evolving secrets of mass-producing glass objects.

The business was a dirty and dangerous one centered around clusters of large wood-stoked furnaces capable of generating the nearly volcanic temperatures required to melt sand.

Beads and the slave trade Glass beads also played a significant role in the transatlantic slave commerce.

During the 18th century, it is estimated that 40% of the slaves loaded in West Africa were carried to North America in ships home ported in Liverpool, England. government and merchant traders were delivering beads to American Indian tribes by the ton.

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