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I mean, what on earth do the protestant, working-class loyalists of Norn Iron have in common with the middle-class, Middle Englanders of the shires and the home counties? Furthermore, where is the common ground between the almost exclusively, white smalltowners of Ulster and the cosmopolitan, multi-cultural burghers of L'Angleterre?I graduated from the university of Bradford avec an M. You can stalk me at: blog pieces are grammatically correct and I do not need to resort to any spell check.Consequently, purely in terms of English, this collectively places my blog easily amongst the top ten of blogs for proper use of the English language.He hasn't the honesty or integrity to admit his part in Irish 'acts of war' because the family's place in middle-class society is at stake. Secondly, Downey, we are informed, is a committed follower of the peace process.This is another piece of skullduggery practised by all terror suspects in Norn Iron.

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