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You may notice there is some overlap with the Best Inventions lists as the line between ‘invention’ and ‘discovery’ is often a blurry one.I have provided some information on the nature of the discovery and the identities of the discovers.Mouly is married to cartoonist Art Spiegelman, and is the mother of writer Nadja Spiegelman. Let’s take a look at Francoise Mouly past relationships, ex-boyfriends and previous hookups. We are currently in process of looking up information on the previous dates and hookups.She moved to New York at age of 19 and survived by taking on any job she could find. I have decided to omit visual images for this list, although I may change my mind later.Where the narrative for one discovery mentions another discovery, I have placed it in boldface.

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To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.The next animals to be domesticated were those associated with the development of agriculture: sheep in southwest Asia (11,000-9000 BCE); goats in Iran (11,000-8000 BCE); pigs in the Near East, China and Germany (9000-7000 BCE); cats in Cyprus and the Near East (8500-7500 BCE); cattle in India, the Middle East and North Africa (8000-7000 BCE); chickens in India and southeast Asia (6000 BCE); horses in the Eurasian steppes (4000-3000 BCE); llamas and alpacas in South America (3000 BCE); asses (3000 BCE); silk moths (3000 BCE); elephants in India (2000 BCE); red jungle fowl in India and Asia (2000 BCE); camels in Arabia (1500 BCE); and rabbits in Ancient Rome (100 BCE).11,000 BCE AGRICULTURE & DOMESTICATION OF PLANTS After humans spent many millennia as hunter-gatherers, they developed agriculture by humans gradually, at different times in different places.The oldest remains of a dog associated with humans was found in a Siberian cave in Russia and dates to 33,000 BCE.A dog skeleton at a human site in Belgium dates to 29,7000 BCE.

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