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You can also try free credit score tracking apps Credit Karma or Credit Sesame to get a sense of where you stand. A score of between 700 and 740, depending on the scoring method used, is considered “good credit” and usually enough to qualify you for the best credit cards and lowest mortgage rates.Related: How Credit Works: Understanding Your Report And Score The next step in credit repair is to dispute incorrect information on your credit report. Of course, sometimes bad credit is just your fault.Our Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposal rates range between 9.9%-16.9% with the average being 12.9%. We show you how to re-establish your credit and report your payments to Equifax.Our company is also specialized in arranging a merchant account for various adult oriented online businesses.

Although certain bureaus now let you submit disputes online, it’s not a bad idea to send this letter by certified mail, and keep a copy for yourself.

Approval is based on affordability not your current credit situation.

Step one: Obtain a copy of your personal credit report and insure accuracy.

The reporting agency has 30 days from the receipt of your letter to respond.

The Federal Trade Commission provides advice on contacting the credit bureaus about discrepancies.

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