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Typically, the babuin is engaged in silly antics, such as playing or interacting with the letters on the page, chasing other babuins, or even engaging in copulatory and scatological activities.

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This argument is what finally persuaded Lewis to convert.: In common parlance, song hits, folk music, and folktales or any song that tells a story are loosely called ballads.

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The story of Christ's death and resurrection seemed merely an echo of hundreds of similar myths compiled in James Frazer's .Although details are vague, Balder may have been the god of justice, peace, forgiveness, light, or purity, as his name suggests etymological connections with the word link him with such qualities.In the legends, Balder's mother and he dream that he will die.Once again, Loki thwarts this through trickery, and Balder remains dead permanently--betrayed by wicked and heartless beings unworthy of him.The Balder myth has many analogues in mythology and world religion, i.e., tales in which a just, virtuous, beautiful or well-loved deity ends up dying unfairly in a manner that grieves the heavens and earth.

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