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Graduation day has passed and you’re probably anxiously awaiting college.However, before you take on your first day of college, there’s one thing you first must conquer—orientation.Even if you want to just throw on pajamas and call it a day, be prepared to take an ID picture during some point of orientation.This ID will follow you for however long you’re in college, so wear something that will make you feel good, flash a genuine smile and don’t blink.Let's be honest, since high school let out you've been sleeping in.Your orientation will start earlier than you’re used to waking up lately.Let seniors talk to them on their freshmen year, not the year before, when 8th graders just assume everything is the same as last year.Because, from personal experience, I can say that it isn’t.

This way, you don’t go into orientation and the school year overall not knowing a single person on campus.We all now those annoying freshmen that act like they own the school when they’re really the bottom of the barrel. The things that a freshman does: curses too much, runs around too much, talks too much, tries being cool too much. But do not be discouraged, you pathetic, miniscule freshmen, for you will be a senior one day, too. In fact, I don’t even think that i’ve explained my actual reason for writing this story. But why do seniors think that freshmen should keep their mouths shut? Seniors are, believe it or not, the best kind of students in high school. I know that it may be strange for a freshman to say that all freshman are annoying. Now, i’m not saying that all freshmen should keep to themselves or else they’re annoying.You’ve probably been lost in daydreams about college for the past couple of months, yet orientation is about to make the entire transition more real.It's a day or weekend packed with new information that’ll help you understand more about your new home.

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