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His favorite band is Blink 182; he and drummer Rian Dawson both have matching bunny tattoos.He also has a tattoo of Jack Skellington playing his guitar, as well as the All Time Low skull and crossbone tattoo on his shoulder, the entire band has one.He also has a studio in Nashville called Track Happy Studios, where he produces music for smaller bands such as The Everyday Anthem.His favorite band is Blink 182 and he and Jack both have matching blink-bunnies tattooed on them.

That's life." "Hey Alex, don't let the door hit you in the vagina on your way out." "I don't care how I met you, all that matters is that I did." "Life is like candy land, there are many paths to take.=== === Personal Life Jack Barakat was in a relationship with Holly Madison for a few months until they broke it off on a mutual agreement.Jack was featured on an episode of Holly's show ( GMMQFo8)..Prior to that, he and Cassadee lived in Los Angeles, California, and prior to that he was living with Alex Gaskarth (singer of the band).Him and Cassadee adopted a french bulldog, named Cuppy, in 2016.

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    They’ve been around the block: sexually, financially, career-wise, and in love. They carry themselves with a cocksure attitude that you find appealing.