How to stop dating a girl

I could have just texted her “hey Anna did you finish watching Iron Man?”, but I knew from experience that I’d get a much better result if I dressed it up a little so she couldn’t resist responding.Rather than reading the signs she’s ready, they keep chatting and milk the conversation for too long.The girl quickly loses interest and they don’t understand where they went wrong.

Even if you made out with a girl the last time you saw her and she said “I can’t wait to see you again”, you still need to pump her anticipation and desire for your next meet up over text.Although it may seem like she wants to “chat” about everyday stuff, she secretly doesn’t.Usually when a woman texts something boring like “how was your day” or “what are you doing?When you’re struggling for ideas start by asking her how that thing she said she was going to do went…but in a dorky way that makes her eager to respond.In the example below this girl previously said she was going to spend her Sunday afternoon binge watching Iron Man.

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