Infrastructure contracts trust and institutional updating

Participants identified dozens of small technical fixes that can help address America’s infrastructure challenges.However, the group agreed that America’s failure to establish a strategic vision for infrastructure development was the most pressing challenge in the space.In some states the process gets even more complicated when working in particular localities, like New York and Chicago, which have their own specific practices.

This requires a willingness to revisit or renegotiate contracts, engage with the public, and creatively pursue new opportunities as they emerge.

Behind the scenes, the procurement processes that guide the way the public sector plans, finances, builds, manages, and operates these systems are in an even greater state of disrepair than the assets themselves.

Today’s leaders aren’t just stuck repairing antiquated roads that were designed to meet America’s needs in the 1940s, they are also burdened with procurement systems designed for a less connected and slower paced world.

Much of this can be attributed to the continuing desire of politicians to pick projects easily touted in the next election.

Creating a defined infrastructure pipeline based on quantifiable public goals, like the United Kingdom’s National Infrastructure Plan or the Building a New Chicago initiative, is a key step.

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