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Smart people can “almost feel what someone is thinking/feeling,” He added in the deleted answer.Some psychologists argue that empathy, being attuned to the needs and feelings of others and acting in a way that is sensitive to those needs, is a core component of emotional intelligence.Zoher Ali writes that smart people are able to overcome impulsiveness by “planning, clarifying goals, exploring alternative strategies and considering consequences before [they] begin.” Scientists have found a link between self-control and intelligence.In one 2009 study published in the journal Psychological Science, participants had to choose between two financial rewards: a smaller payout immediately or a larger payout at a later date.In other words: don’t overcomplicate or overcommit.If all you have is five daily minutes, don’t commit to writing twenty pages of finished prose while also filling in your daily spread, evening reflection, and tomorrow’s to-do lists.Scientists followed thousands of people born in the UK for 50 years and learned that 11-year-olds who’d scored higher on an IQ test turned out to be more open to experience at 50.Because they’re so curious, smart people are also inclined to be voracious readers, writes Cheikh Mbacke Diop.

The researchers behind that study say that one area of the brain – the anterior prefrontal cortex – might play a role in helping people solve tough problems and demonstrate self-control while working toward goals.Intelligence depends on being able to change your own behaviours in order to cope more effectively with your environment, or make changes to the environment you’re in.The smartest folks are able to admit when they aren’t familiar with a particular concept.In order for that to happen, you might need to go deeper than just doodling and writing down to-do lists in your journal—you need to fully embrace the depths of the full spectrum of your consciousness.Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to four journaling mentors and the principles that they applied to make their journaling writing powerful and effective.

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