Kangana ranaut dating aditya pancholi

Aditya followed up with a counter complaint, which eventually led to a slugfest between the illicit lovers, amidst a severe lack of co-operation by the police, much to the delight of the gossip mongers and tabloids.

The matter eventually fizzled out when Kangana started seeing Adhyayan Suman, actor Shekhar Suman’s son.

Aditya Pancholi is the actor who can easily be conferred with the title of being the ‘original bad boy’ of Bollywood.

Infamous for his short temper, he is known to wreak havoc at social events if anyone rubs him the wrong way.

He happened to bump into Pooja Bedi, daughter of actor Kabir Bedi, who was herself stepping in and out several relationships.

Aditya Pancholi’s marriage was not on the rocks, and Zarina took him back.Kangana was soon seen accompanying Aditya to Bollywood parties, and it was Aditya’s efforts that landed her the first role in the 2006 film .Aditya helped Kangana wherever he could, and in an interview he candidly admitted paying half a million rupees to her for a house.But despite all this, Aditya started getting jealous.The reason for this was the surge of Kangana’s popularity.

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