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And here we are one year later, at the end of our own pregnancy journey, waiting for our son to arrive with a plan to deliver him at a birthing center.Last month, while Kariss was taking our maternity photos, JT walked right over to me and touched my belly as if he knew there was a little boy in there for him to play with one day.

The money isn’t there and the fun isn’t there anymore. Thanks for reading, and if you’re reading this you quite possibly participated in the experiment that was the Wb Srch search engine. It was such a sweet, unexpected moment that brought everything full circle. Lol He was laying hands and probably praying blessings over our son, telling him it’s all good on the other side and wishing him well on his delivery…at least I like to imagine that’s what he was doing. Lol Thank you Kariss and Josh for allowing me the privilege to witness and document JT’s birth. This gives typically the perfect possibility to get direct exposure for your personal fresh tasks also to assemble hoopla meant for them previously they launch.It’s also the best way that will build relationships that an individual can use that will delegate work, as well as that might be fascinated in by you.

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