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Thus, although the move to unleaded petrol may be successful on a local level from a smog point of view, it is likely to have an increased impact upon global air quality in terms of CO.

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Its elemental composition is fairly constant: Production Early refineries used a simple distillation process to separate crude oil into its components according to their boiling points.Other petroleum derivatives including diesel and liquid petroleum gas can be used in motor vehicles as alternatives to petrol as can compressed natural gas, which often occurs in conjunction with petroleum deposits.Some alternatives are derived from non-fossil, or partly renewable, sources such as grain or other agricultural crops.This in turn requires that the petrol be lead free if the catalyst is to function properly.In Australia this resulted in a decision to change to cars which operate on unleaded petrol with a lower octane than previously used, so that changes to refinery configurations, to make up for the octane loss upon the removal of the lead, would not be too extensive.

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