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Click here to go to the California Department of Water Resources MWELO update page.It’s a thirsty world out there, and it’s only getting thirstier.Spaulding, a CLIA (certified landscape irrigation auditor), and customer and technical service manager at DIG Corporation in Vista, California.“One reason is that the cost of water keeps going up.”“With the heat here in Arizona, the evaporation rate is tremendous,” said John Gary, irrigation specialist at Tucson-based Horticulture Unlimited, Inc.Other municipalities throughout the country have enacted or will enact ordinances like it.“We’re definitely seeing legislative influence mandating the continued, increased use of water-efficient products and drip irrigation,” said Polderman.A lot of water districts are making rebates available for conversion to drip systems, and making those systems exempt from restrictions such as odd/even watering days.“Drought is driving regulations, which then drives the market,” said Mauricio Troche, director of sales and marketing, landscape and turf division for Fresno, California-based Netafim, USA.

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“The popularity is also being driven by landscape architects.

California's unprecedented drought and Governor Brown's Executive Order mandating a 25% reduction in water use triggered the California Department of Water Resources to implement emergency measures for the state's Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance.

New MWELO requirements went into effect on December 1, 2015 and there are some important changes you need to know.

As more water agencies push for less watering on landscapes, and customers start complaining about their increased water bills, they will demand that lower amounts of water be delivered with greater efficiency.

Smart contractors will increasingly be turning to drip irrigation.“Drip irrigation is getting bigger,” said Stuart M.

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