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I used to do that quite a bit when I kept in practice with my art.I've got quite a few nude pictures of plenty of women (and also some guys...List of Actress Lara Dutta Favorite Things: Lara Dutta loves to spend much of her free time with her daughter and personal life.She loves to go on holidays with her family as her family holiday destinations are Spain and Thailand.Btw, any guy who would share photos like that to others without their partners consent is a loser.:)i did once for my ex when we lived apart for six months (he was living with his best friend, workin' in his hometown)...Or at least a tale as old as "Sweet Home Alabama." A big city girl moves back to a small southern town and falls in love with the simple life.That's what we're likely to get with the new CW pilot in the works called "Hart of Dixie." The pilot stars Rachel Bilson as a successful doctor in New York City who inherits her own practice in a small town in the the story of Ryan Atwood (Benjamin Mc Kenzie), a troubled teenager from Chino, and The Cohens, the family who takes him in.

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The couple stayed back in relationship for few months and split up.

On 1 August 2011 the actress confirmed that she was pregnant with their first child as the daughter was born in January 2012.

Her favorite food items are Fish and Chinese foods.

i refused to sign his release, so he could only use the work for private (invitation only) shows.i also did a body-double scene for a senior film project.

If you do not feel 100% comfortable with your partner, then do NOT take those type of pictures.

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