Novels about dating

Essentially, they give equal attention to humor and love.

We've rounded up some rom-com classics and the best of the latest boom in the genre.

A tentative coffee (actually, a pint on West Queen West) and it was like we’d never lost any time.Before we start, a few questions: Do you take any opportunity to re-watch Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan rom-coms from the '90s, because they never get old to you?Have you been anxiously waiting for Netflix to continue its string of contemporary rom-coms?I’m thinking about giving it a go, but I need to get my head wrapped around the idea. Well, I’ve compiled a list of Harlequin novels to give me some inspiration. I’ve done a wee bit of online dating (two dates), so I’d like to read a few happily ever afters before I give it a real go.Here is Olga’s Top Four Romance Novels to Inspire an Online Love Affair 1.

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